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Oh Canada. Your digital freedom is going down the river (without a paddle)

Any Canadian reading this blog, or any person interested in Digital Rights should take 10 minutes to listen to the clip at the bottom of this page. It’s an interview on CBC on the new DMCA laws that are trying to be introduced in Canada. It’s up to Canadians to take a stand and tell them NO. 

Michael Geist explains how to help here. I highly recommend reading this short summary from Boing Boing.

Here’s a few notes on what happens if the law gets introduced: 

  • If you share anything (by uploading or downloading) it’s illegal
  • You can’t unlock a phone if you take it overseas and want to use it
  • You can’t copy your CDs to MP3s to listen to on your MP3 player
  • It is illegal to download a song to your iPod and play it at a party
  • You can’t play a DVD you purchased in Europe
  • It will be illegal to purchase ink cartridges that are not made by your printer manufacturer
  • If you cars computer is “locked” it is illegal for an independent auto shop to diagnose it

Be sure to have a listen to the interview to learn more, please help fight this

LISTEN to the interview here.

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