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Mitch Jewel eats at Internet or Why I love Jott is transcribing RSS feeds straight to your telephone. I’m excited.

For those who don’t know, Jott is a free service which allows you to send phone messages, which are then transcribed to your email inbox. Not only is the transcription quite good, it also embeds an audio player so you can hear your message.

I have had a couple of strange transcriptions like Mitch Joel transcribed as Mitch Jewel, and In N Out Burger transcribed as Internet. It’s usually quite good though.

I’ve been speaking highly about Jott for over a year now. I blogged about the service on my old blog, New Media Nashville in May, 2007. I even called an audio comment in to C.C. Chapman’s Managing The Gray podcast praising Jott.

I got excited earlier in the year when they introduced a service which allows users to post an audio comment, transcribed directly to your blog and/orĀ Twitter.

Yesterday, Jott announced that they are now able to transcribe feeds. Here’s the details from the email I received:

  1. Call Jott (866) JOTT 123 or your local Canadian number and say “Jott Feeds”.
  2. Then just say the name of one of the pre-loaded feeds: “Lifehacker”, “Mashable”, “News” or “Weather”.
  3. Listen!

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