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Learn to play guitar with your iPhone

Some of you may know that I had been saving to buy my first guitar a few months ago. I was ready to make a purchase, but my need for an iPhone surpassed my need for a guitar. Yes, I know I should have waited on my iPhone purchase (like we haven’t heard enough already today).

Either way, I was happy to find this gem, the MooCowMusic “Band” app. It’s actually being revamped at the moment, but should be available here soon. Thanks to Mark Terry for developing this super cool app.

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Of course I do realize I still need to buy (and learn) the real thing…

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  • That's sweet.

  • They must have taken down the “No Stairway” sign. You might be able to jam out a little “Dust In The Wind” though without having to shift the screen.
    Guitar pickin' entertainment without the calluses!

  • Dave Meagher

    Have you checked out the iReadMusic iphone app what was just released. Really cool teaches you how to read music and play the guitar. Check it out at

  • Very cool. Thanks!

    Poor spelling and extreme brevity brought to you by iPhone.

  • dave meagher

    You should checkout the iReadMusic app

    Teaches you to play guitar, piano, and bass. very cool

  • Thanks! I will.

  • Thanks. I'll check out that app.


  • Yeah, i will go with guitar because i like to shred.

  • Yeah, i will go with guitar because i like to shred.