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Do something nice today

My family were at our local YMCA yesterday. The temperature was over 90 degrees and the pools were packed. We noticed the largest of the pools, the one with the large water slides was empty. It seemed strange because a lifeguard sat high above the pool, but everyone there was in the other two pools.

When we decided to finally take a dip to cool off a couple of women next to us turned and spoke. I had noticed the police were in the parking lot when we pulled in. I thought they were ticketing people with expired tags, or something to that effect. When we had come in I noticed some police officers inside as well. For what ever reason I didn’t think twice about it.

The women turned to us to tell us that a small boy had drowned in the large pool, just an hour or so before we got there. This is terrible news for anybody, but if you’re a parent it’s worse. We have two small, incredible kids. As we sat back into our chairs I couldn’t help but imagine losing one of ours. Now take a moment to imagine losing someone you love.

Do something nice today for a stranger, in the 7 year-old boy’s memory. It’s the least we can do to pay our respects for someone we didn’t know.


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