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If you have any interest in podcasting you NEED to be here

Photo by NicoIt pains me to write this post, because I will not be able to attend one of my favorite annual conferences, Podcasters Across Borders. Three long (long in podcasting) years ago Canadian podfathers, Bob Goyetche and Mark Blevis created PAB.

Mark and Bob are the long-time hosts of The Canadian Podcast Buffet, a weekly spotlight on new Canadian podcasts, production tricks and tips and an all around fun 30+ minutes. I consider these guys to be two of the most important people in podcasting today. They have dedicated countless hours to supporting the Canadian podcasting community and are both truly incredible people, not to mention experts in audio production and promotion.

Three years ago Bob and Mark decided that a new conference was needed to embrace podcasting in Canada and beyond. Podcasters Across Borders was born. It has been held each year in one of my favorite cities in the world, Kingston, Ontario.

My first year at PAB was a wild one, because it was my first geek conference. Walking into a room and hearing so many familiar voices was bizarre, because I hadn’t met most of them before. The voices included people like: Nora Young and Cathi Bond, Julien Smith, Scarborough Dude, Jay Moonah, Tim Pilgrim, Shane and Tom, Cat, Tod Maffin, Arthur Masters, Bruce Murray, Hugh McGuire, Andy and Vivian, Ross and Karen and a bunch of people I’m forgetting at the time of this quick post (so sorry to have missed you, you know I love ya.)

I won’t go into great detail of the session content from PAB2006 and PAB2007, but I can assure you that PAB2008 is so worth attending. Like most tech conferences I attend, my highlights always involve the cold beverages and conversation that goes on afterwards. I’m going to miss that the most this year.

The three hour jaunt from Toronto to Kingston (brutally painful along the 401) was nothing compared with traveling from Nashville where I live now. My podcasting partner in crime and fellow boob will be away that weekend, and my in-laws are unavailable to sit our kids for the few days of PAB2008. So I’m stuck here longing for K-town and my fellow Tim Horton’s hopping, Creemore chugging, maple-cured mates. I’ll be thinking of you guys.

As the title of this post goes: If you have any interest in podcasting you need to be here, this is no understatement. Make the trip to Kingston this June 20, 21, 22 for a weekend that any podcaster would be nuts to miss. Have fun.

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