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My Twitter T-Shirt concept – Twitter goes up, Twitter goes down

Over one year ago I made a short video entitled “Bad Bird”. It was a humorous depiction of my sadness with Twitter‘s repetitive down time. One year later Twitter’s stability is still constantly being questioned. Back in February Mashable wrote:

It’s becoming almost a non-news item now to talk about yet another day that Twitter is down. It is getting a bit beyond painful for those of us that are great fans of the service…

Just this Tuesday, TechCrunch wrote:

I’ve mostly stopped bothering to post when Twitter is down like it is now and like it was yesterday (honestly, it’s news when they keep the site live for 24 hours at this point). But, seriously, they need to get their act together. It’s past embarrassing.

There is a rumor today of Twitter getting approximately 15 million more in funding. I really hope that they are able to finally put a fix to the down time once and for all.

Last night I designed a mock t-shirt for your viewing pleasure. Let’s hope this joke doesn’t make sense in the near future. In the mean time please enjoy this little ditty. :-)

Twitter Up Twitter Down T-shirt

UPDATE: This t-shirt is now available on CafePress if you’re so inclined. This will be perfect for those of you who attend geek conferences, unconferences and Tweet-ups. Cheers.


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