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An apology to my Twitter friends – How not to import old blog posts

First off an apology. I have just accidentally posted about 100 tweets in a row. I am so sorry for this folks. Thanks to @calebgarner for bringing this to my attention.

The excuse. I just imported my old Blogspot blog posts and comments to my WordPress blog. What the WordPress import feature does not explain is how the import works. I thought it was a step by step process. The problem is that my blog is set up to auto post to Twitter when I have a new blog post.

As the import ran each post was “tweeted” as a new post on my Twitter page. So, my Twitter friends were flooded with over 100 concurrent tweets from me.

I am so sorry for this folks. It won’t happen again. Please share this post with your friends, so they are aware of what may happen. I’m lucky the old blog had only 100 posts. I had no way of stopping the import once I began it. Sigh. :-(


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