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MySpace is broken

I’ve been giving some thought about advertising on MySpace. I’ve never advertised there and I was curious about their rates. I hardly ever use MySpace anymore, I don’t have much need for it personally. I actually had to dig around to remember my password.

Here’s a screen shot from the process of inquiring on advertising. My account is set up as Canadian because I lived there when I registered it. Note the currency default in the “Estimated Monthly Marketing Budget” drop down?

MySpace advertising form is broken

Why is MySpace defaulting to Pounds Sterling? I can understand it choosing the Canadian dollar since the account was set up that way. I can also understand it defaulting to US dollars since my address is now stateside, but Pounds? I went along with it any way and submitted my request for information (yes, I also filled out my phone number). I hit submit and waited a moment and received the following message:

MySpace advertising form error

I tried to submit the form several times, but each time I got the error message. My humble opinion is that MySpace is broken.

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