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Twitter friends solve a mystery

The power of Twitter never fails to surprise me. I was in Fido at lunch today with a friend. We were chatting when suddenly a man walked in and sat down across from us. He’s an actor, but I could not for the life of me place him.

William Devane at Fido I was pulling my hair out trying to remember what film I’d seen him in. I remembered him as a tough guy, possibly from a military picture, or some sort of spy movie. I was stumped as he sat sipping his coffee and reading a book.

Then it dawned on us. Snap a photo and put it on Twitter to help us determine who he is. So we did. The tweets came pouring in from my buddies in Twitterland. It didn’t take long before we determined that the actor was William Devane.

Many of you know Devane from “24”, “The West Wing” and “Knot’s Landing”, but I know him best from his fine performance in a personal favorite film, Marathon Man. A special thanks to Newscoma and Thicke for guessing correctly.

Here’s my friends racking their brains trying to figure out who the mysterious actor is…

William Devane on Twitter

Thanks to everyone who jumped at the chance of solving the mystery and saving me from going bald.

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