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A Twitter man becomes a Twitter father – you can help support his family

Support a new Twitter dad

Congratulations to a good friend I met on Twitter, Hans-Jörn Eich and his wife Carolyn on the birth of their first baby, Alea. I am so happy for you. Welcome to the Mommy and Daddy club.

Hans and I first met on Twitter, then on My ooVoo Day, and finally in person at PodCamp Toronto. Hans is a very crafted wood-worker who specializes in creating children’s blocks. His wooden blocks are called Ukunto and they’re awesome. He’s also an incredible guy.

These days we’re all concerned about losing production jobs overseas, and about the poor (and often dangerous) quality of toys from China. Just look at what’s been recalled lately.

I’d like to take this time to plug Han’s toy blocks and suggest that to support his growing family you purchase a set of Ukunto toys for your children or as a gift.

In 50 minutes Alea turns 1 week. Let’s celebrate by supporting our Twitter buddy by spreading the word of his awesome blocks. Thanks for being cool.

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