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I was chased by the Los Angeles Police Department

South by Southwest meant a lot of things to me. I got so much out of the hallway conversations, food and beverages, sessions, keynotes, etc. One highlight for me was the Fray Cafe. I originally posted about the Fray in my SXSW recap post. In that post you can hear Tod Maffin and Erik Jones sessions, plus you can watch a video of Clarence too. All were compelling, funny and engaging stories.

The Fray Cafe is all about story telling. It was such a refreshing break during an otherwise crazy conference. A cool and quiet night of sitting back with friends and listening to other people’s tales. Some pictures from the evening are here.

Being surrounded by my peers like Erik Jones, C.C. Chapman, Julien Smith, Clarence Smith JR, Baratunde, Cian O’ Donovan, Tod Maffin, and many others inspired me to get up on stage. Special thanks to C.C. for shooting my story about being chased by the L.A.P.D and to N.W.A. for my soundtrack.

Viewer discretion is advised.


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