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My fishbowl is expanding. Nora Young and Lee Lefever meet on Spark.

One of my favorite tech podcasts is a CBC show called Spark. In 2005 I attended the first Podcasters Across Borders, a yearly podcasting conference held in Kingston, Ontario, this is where I met Nora Young for the first time. We hit it off instantly as all Canadian podcasting geeks tend to do.

Last weekend I was in Austin, Texas at South by Southwest. I was at a party there where I ran into Lee Lefever from Common Craft. I met Lee earlier this year at Gnomedex, a much smaller, but very cool conference in Seattle, Washington. We hung out for a while chatting and catching up.

Are you following me?

Nora is a Canadian podcaster working for a Canadian broadcaster. Lee is an American how-to video producer. Imagine my delight when I was driving into work this morning listening to Spark when Nora introduced Lee for an interview.

Is my fishbowl expanding? It was so funny to hear, I actually laughed out loud. Lee is a super dude, a very very nice guy. Nora is incredibly nice and down to earth too. I was thrilled to hear them connect for the first time in my ear buds, in my car, in Nashville, Tennessee. I’m trying to figure out a way to work Kevin Bacon into this post.

Have a listen to the interview and episode of Spark Listen to the interview on Spark

Check out Common Craft’s Twitter video [kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /].


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