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MyBlogLog neighbors connect

I learned of a cool new feature for MyBlogLog users during South By Southwest. It’s a function that will automatically detect other users within a small distance from your device. It works using Bluetooth and I tested it and it worked quite well.

Visit: and install it. Then turn on your Bluetooth function (assuming you have that on your device). When you get close enough to someone using this it will notify you. It’s a perfect way to connect with others at conferences.

It reminds me of and the idea of using your mobile phone to notify you when you’re in close proximity of friends. It will be interesting when/if Google decide to implement this service with Jaiku, since they own both.

iFob is similar as well, but there’s a charge for using it on your laptop. I haven’t tested this one out yet, if I ever get an iPhone I’ll let you know how it works.

There’s also a great post about Social Networking pubs by Chris Brogan worth reading.


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