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SxSW: rabid bats, nuclear tacos, and more of my favorites


I’ve been neglecting this post and I apologize. It’s not that it’s going to be difficult to write, it’s simply that I have had no time to write it. Rather, I’ve been “micro-blogging” my time at SxSW using Twitter (like usual). It’s so much easier to post a brief “tweet” to my friends than to open up WordPress and hammer out a full blog post.

To call SxSW incredible is an understatement. While I throughly enjoy the “single track” small-crowd style of conferences like Gnomedex, or the multi-track, but not overly-crowded New Media Expo, SxSW is different, with an organized chaotic feel that is too cool. At Gnomedex the god fathers of our geeky ways usually congregate and historic things occur. At New Media Expo a mix of some of the god fathers and some newer folks gather. At SxSW it’s a refreshing mix of god fathers, rock stars, newbies, oldies, film geeks, musicians, business leaders, and just about anyone who’s interested in the interactive portion of this amazing event.

My highlights of SxSW include the following (in no specific order):

I’m sure there’s much more that I’m forgetting, but for now these are the best bits of SxSW Interactive for me. Thanks to everyone who helped make my experience unforgettable.

Were you there? What was your favorite?

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