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Next stop PodCamp Toronto

I’ve been a little homesick lately. I love Nashville, the community here has really embraced me (not literally that would be weird). I’ve had a blast organizing events like BarCamp Nashville and PodCamp Nashville with friends like Marcus Whitney and Kelly Stewart. Not to mention the incredible group of folks who helped us.

More people are joining my Geek Breakfasts. They are simply a way for local tech folk to get together for a candid coffee, bacon and eggs. It’s not sponsored by anyone and is simply here to help us all connect with each other.

This weekend is PodCamp Toronto and I’m very excited to be home and re-connect with my Canadian comrades. The Canadian podcasting community is a tight one thanks to people like Mark Blevis and Bob Goyetche from The Canadian Podcast Buffet and the increasingly popular Podcasters Across Borders conference, which I plan to be at. Emma is sending me home, she’s cool that way.

I want to include mention in this post of two people who are greatly responsible for my being homesick. Sam Javanrouh (photo above) and MC Abdominal. Sam is a Toronto photo-blogger who has been shooting scenes of the city for a number of years. His pictures always capture the essence of life in Toronto and make me long for Hog Town. I love his work!

MC Abdominal is a local rapper who first caught my attention when I heard his song “Pedal Pusher” on CBC’s Radio 3. “Pedal Pusher” really captures the feeling of riding your bicycle through the downtown streets of T.O. I use to bike everywhere. Any Torontonian will agree that it’s the fastest and cheapest way to get around town.

MC Abdominal recently released a song called “T. Ode“which truly covers every aspect of living in Toronto. The song makes me crazy homesick! As it turns out one of my best friends, at 3AM Design in Toronto, actually directed his video for the song “Abdominal Workout.” More than 5 million people and it’s still a small town in many aspects.

Watch for my live blogging and tweets from PodCamp Toronto this weekend. Cheers.

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