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My ooVoo Day recap

ooVoo My ooVoo Day was a lot of fun. I throughly enjoyed chatting with some very cool people. I am very appreciative to Scott Monty and Joseph Jaffe for giving me the opportunity to test out ooVoo. The experience was a great one, once I figured out how to add funky graphics to my video, Mac users should check out CamTwist.

My first session was with Mitch Canter and John Wall. Nico tried to join us, but was having bandwidth issues connecting. Mitch, John and I chatted about gaming and about ourselves, our podcasts and PodCamp Nashville. I have to admit that I was getting use to working with ooVoo, they were great sports.

My final session was with Krista Neher, a fellow Canuck from Mississauga, Ontario now residing in Cincinnati, who unfortunately had webcam issues and dropped from the conversation. It was great to chat with Scott Schablow who has a huge broadcasting background and who worked with Evan Keller, (who joined us as well) at (what a website). St. Catherines, Ontario wooden toy maker and audiophile, Hans-Jörn Eich spoke about promoting his creations and a possible future podcast (go Hans!). Jared Degnan, a fellow Nashville local, chatted about surviving his MBA at Vanderbilt and the history and social impact of Pokemon. Oh, and even Joseph Jaffe himself jumped in to say hello from a hotel room.

All around some very diverse people who all are embracing social networking and new media. I encourage all of you to jump into the playground (as C.C. calls it), get dirty and start playing. Let me know if you need to borrow my shouvel or bucket.

Thanks guys.

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