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How to grab an image of your entire screen in Firefox

I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to remember how to do an entire browser screen grab in Mac OS/X. I needed a shot of the whole screen, even beneath the scrollbar. I threw the question out to my good friends on Twitter, but most of the answers were ones I already knew. However, I really do appreciate everyone’s support on this. Thanks guys.

Cmd-Shift-3 : will take a full screen shot and save the image to your desktop.

Cmd-Shift-4 : will give you a pointer, you can then hold the mouse down and select the portion of the screen you wish to capture.

I already knew about these cool features. There is also a feature built into OS/X called Grab. It’s pretty nifty, but I don’t see it really helping me achieve what I’m trying to do. More on Grab here.

Then digitalblender sent me a message about a Firefox plug-in to use to capture the “entire” screen. It’s exactly what I was looking for, it’s called Screengrab. Thanks man.

Happy grabbing screens.

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