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Why you’ve got duplicate images in multiple posts…

I posted a plea for some assistance with a WordPress woe I had last week. I had uploaded two new pictures of my family in my New Years post, but I had uploaded them as screen grabs using (Mac) WordPress. Suddenly, I noticed that several of my previous posts images changed to the new images. So, for example my Google Trends screen grab of Twitter traffic when Twitter was featured on CSI became an image of my son and I. Kind of out of place, eh?

I’ve figured out the problem and wanted to share it with you. Thanks again to Hansich for helping me out.

When you create a screen grab using a Mac the file is typically named Picture1.png. The next one becomes Picture2.png and so on. The images are automatically named. So if you upload them with those file names keep this point in mind. If you delete your Picture1.png from your computer after you’ve uploaded it, then create another screen grab later, that “new” image will be created as Picture1.png.

When you upload the “new” image (with the same title as the old image) it will simply replace any post image that is titled Picture1.png.

I hope this saves you from this big boo boo. I’ve just spent loads of time fixing my broken images. I should also add that I do LOVE the upload ability in WordPress. I use to always have to resize them in Photoshop and upload them by FTP.

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