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Bring on ’08!

Happy New Year.


Wow. What a year. This has certainly been one of the best ones in my book. I’ve decided to write this post as a top ten, rather than a very long summary of my life in 2007. The top ten consists of my favorite personal milestones in the last 12 months. In no specific order and without further adu…

1. We successfully threw Nashville’s first un-conference
2. Met amazing people in Nashville who joined the BCN and PCN
3. Attended and made new friends at Gnomedex and New Media Expo
4. Created a new podcast and a consistent blog – I love this space
5. I have an incredible group of friends online and offline – I’m so excited to see what 2008 has in store
6. Heather has proved to be the best mum and wife in the world, sorry world, but it’s true
7. Sam is still snuggly and is becoming independent, he’s turning out to be a real joker too (I wonder where he picked that up?)
8. Ella started walking and dancing, plus she kisses up a storm now
9. Got an amazing job
10. Bought our first house

Things to do in 2008: Learn to play the guitar; Join the YMCA (and actually go!); stretch more often; pull off a successful PodCamp and second BarCamp.

Good luck in ’08! Keep in touch and let’s make this year even better. Peace oot.

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