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I just called Will Ferrell

I am a big sucker for great advertising. I particularly love it when advertisers use new media with old media/communication to create some truly unique and creative campaigns. Take this sneak trailer for Will Ferrell‘s latest film: Semi-Pro.

Did you call the 1-800 number? Did you think about it? I did. A recorded message from Will Ferrell answers the call with information on season tickets to The Tropics. It’s a very funny message. At the end it directs you to a URL which then redirects to the main film site. Clever and silly, just my style.

This isn’t as innovative as the Snakes on a Plane promotion which had visitors entering their friends information and cell numbers. Shortly afterwards, Samuel L. Jackson would call them to ream them out and to warn them that they better see the movie. A classic. Listen here: Snakes on a Plane phone call from Samuel L. Jackson.

Another fun one recently has been the SHOWTIME series about a serial killer, Dexter. In this promotion you can enter your friends info and a scary viral video featuring your personal message appears in their inbox. This one is fantastic, because you actually control some of the video content. The video is news footage from a crime scene where it indicates your friend is next. It’s well worth trying. Originally, it would call your “victim” after they had viewed the video for an extra scare, but the feature has been removed.

Now let’s hope Hollywood settles with the writers soon, so advertisers have something new to promote in the coming months.

UPDATE: Never mind my final thought, the writers are going it alone! This is huge news.

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