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Guess who’s coming to PodCamp Nashville?

PodCamp Nashville is alive and well. There was some concern whether we would be able to pull it off without a new location. For those of you not following the story, we had planned to hold PCN at Edgehill Studios Cafe in Nashville, February 9. As soon as we announced registration was open, we received over 120 enrollments!

I think I speak for everyone involved with BarCamp Nashville, that it was a great time. Sure it was super hot in the Exit/In, but it was certainly worth the price of admission (joke, there is no price of admission).

Now PodCamp Nashville has been relocated to The Cannery Ballroom. Kelly Stewart and I did a walk through last week and fell in love with the place. It’s perfect! Also, I should add this little piece of information:

C.C. Chapman and Joseph Jaffe are keynoting! They are both new media visionaries, incredible speakers, amazing people, and are both true inspiration for peeps like little ol’ me. You’re going to love them.

You should register to attend if you haven’t yet. You can do so here.

I also highly suggest you consider sponsoring this event. Other PodCamps have had huge companies like Microsoft, Yahoo! and Google as sponsors. We’re offering very affordable rates for sponsors to take advantage of getting their brands in front of the highly influential and new media savvy folks who will be joining us for PCN. Sponsorship information is available here.

You should also drop by the site if you wish to sign up to speak. Space is limited so register for free today.


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