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Lizzie saves the day! Thank you Lizzie!

I posted yesterday about how ran out of bandwidth on me. I won’t bore you with the background story, you can read that here.

What’s cool is two outcomes:

1. That I had a great group of folks offering help on this blog and on Twitter. You guys offered loads of ideas to convert the SWF files to video, but unfortunately none would work properly. I tried many of them on my PC @ home too, but no luck.

2. Lizzie Keiper came to the rescue! Lizzie contacted me on Twitter and by email. She spent over $30 to buy me more bandwidth, so now you guys can access my Twitter and Flickr tutorials again.

PLEASE take a moment to thank Lizzie on Twitter or on her blog: 

Is there a tutorial you would like me to make? Please let me know. Now that I have the bandwidth I can whoop something up for you. Please comment your suggestions. Thanks again Lizzie – you rock!

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