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How I spent my $250 Charity Bonus

As you guys know, I work for a very cool company, Emma Email Marketing. This year, in addition to our Christmas bonuses, we received $250 to donate to the charity of our choice. The office was abuzz with discussions about many interesting organizations, some I had heard of, many I had not.

In the end I decided to donate my money to Nothing But Nets. It’s a group who campaign for malaria nets to help people in third world countries who are mainly affected by malaria carrying mosquitoes.

Please take a moment to watch this:
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I should mention that I learned about Nothing But Nets from Darren Barefoot‘s session at Gnomedex last year. Darren’s presentation was both hilarious and thought provoking. I sincerely suggest you check the video out when you have some time. It’s an incredible presentation.
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Thanks again for the money Emma.[tags]Darren Barefoot, Nothing But Nets, Malaria, Emma Email Marketing, Emma[/tags]


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