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Psst, wanna see my Flickr statistics?

Flickr has released an option to track your statistics. I’m just digging into this now. Step one was to figure out where to do this. In your main account click “YOU” then scroll down and you’ll find “STATS”.

You’ll need to wait until it’s live. In the mean time you can be amused (or disturbed) by Flickr’s use of some terrible animated GIFs. I’m guessing this was meant to be funny, I’m hoping that’s the case.

Finally, my stats appeared. I’m not a huge Flickr user, nor do I really promote my photos (even though they are available on this blog). I don’t mind what my numbers are, but I’m sure you’re dying to know right?

My Flickr Stats

Finally, my most popular photo is…

My son Sam!

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