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I’ve been challenged to name my top five podcasts.

Julien over at In Over Your Head has extended Hugh McGuire’s EarIdeas challenge my way.

Here’s the deal:

We’d like to ask you a favour. We *think* we have the best audio stuff on the net, but maybe we’ve missed something. We’d like you to help us make sure we’ve got the best.

So, if you are feeling up to it, it’d be great if you could do something nice for us: post on your blog (or comment below) and:

  1. list the 5 *best* podcasts you know of, podcasts that make you think
  2. link to:
    and our “audio challenge” blog post:
  3. [optional:] tag 5 more people to do the same

The Earideas editorial team hereby promises to listen to every podcast suggested, in posts that link back here, and rejig the directory in the case that we find some new, great stuff that should be in here.

So with that. Here’s my 5 top podcast picks:

1. Not to copy Julien’s pick, but Search Engine is at the top of my list. High production value, a great host (Jesse Brown), and lots of thought provoking cool content. Stories on technology that covers controversial Canadian copyright legislation to Cyber Bullying. They go above and beyond simply reporting the stories. For example, interviews with actual kids about Cyber Bullying made for a much more realistic take on the issue. Also, you should hear what’s going on with the aforementioned copyright story.

2. Mitch Joel’s Six Pixels of Separation always gets me energized and excited about New Media. Mitch is a true gem, plus he’s a down right great guy. Anyone interested in online marketing and social networking should check this show out.

3. Verge of the Fringe follows Lance Anderson’s life journey. Lance is a talented story teller who’s not afraid to share his life story with his listeners. I highly recommend you listen to this gripping episode.

4. C.C. Chapman is one of a handful of incredibly compelling New Media podcasters. His energy and positive attitude shines through every episode of Managing The Gray. While Mitch Joel (#2) has a show all about New Media Marketing, C.C. covers this, but also shares his personal life with his listeners. It’s a nice combination.

5. Marketing Over Coffee is another New Media Marketing podcast I love. Any Podcaster, Blogger, P.R., Marketing or all around geeks should not miss this show. Every episode is filled to the brim with great tips and tricks. It’s hosted by Chris “ninja” Penn and John Wall, both are true experts.

I have other favs, but alas, I’m restricted to only five.

Thanks Julien and Hugh!

Now I extend the tag to: Tim Coyne, Lance Anderson, Ken Bole, Ross Steinberg and Bob Goyetche. Go!

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