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The future of Internet Radio. An evening with Pandora.


It was great that Tim Westergren, the founder of Pandora, was able to swing by Nashville on his cross country tour tonight. We met him this evening for a very informal chat about the history and future of Pandora, the popular online radio service. I’ve used Pandora on and off in the past. I’ve always been partial to Last FM, I like iLike (ha!) and Live 365, but I’m planning on revisiting Pandora. Any way you cut it, if you listen to music online, you have the responsibly to help save Internet Radio. The email sent by the folks at Pandora garnered tens of thousands of faxes and emails to Congress. Their support made Congress hold off and reconsider the proposed increase in royalties which would put all Internet Radio out of business.

I’ve discovered that Pandora can do everything I want in an online radio station, so I’m planning on using it more frequently. Here’s a link to my account, still in it’s very early stage. I also discovered that if you enjoy Pandora and you purchase music from Amazon through their player, be sure to make all of your other Amazon purchases this way. If you purchase a HD TV on Amazon, while you’re purchasing an album from the Pandora site, they will get a cut of the TV purchase as well. How cool is that?

Pandora is truly a cool project which supports musicians, both by hiring them to program their service and by allowing them the opportunity to promote themselves. I think it’s a fantastic idea for Tim to be traveling across the country meeting his customers face to face and promoting Internet Radio. Thanks Tim!

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