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Does your business card suck?

I was reading Seth Godin’s tips on creating cool business cards. He’s got some great pointers which I thought I’d share:

  • Don’t print your own cards.
  • Don’t use big type for the address and contact info. The #1 way we can tell if a business card is cheesy is with a glance at the type size. Really.
  • Don’t buy those color business cards with your face on them. You’re not an ordinary real estate agent, so there’s no sense in acting like one.
  • Don’t go with metal business cards.
  • You might think it’s a great idea to do a full color card with a big (lousy) picture on it. It’s not.
  • I like rounded edges. But only if you leave plenty of margin.
  • Margins matter. Anytime your type gets anywhere near the margin, you’ve blown it.

Now here’s the incredible business card that Emma created for me. I used this at PodCasters Across Borders last year and made a lot of new friends (who knew!). I pre-arranged this with the bar where I knew we’d be meeting after the conference.

Emma Email Marketing

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