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Twitter on CSI or CSI on Twitter?

I just came across this clip from CSI featuring Twitter.

Even though many of you use Twitter religiously (as do I!) and it’s exciting to see our microblogging network featured on a hit primetime show, it’s still pretty sad to see it setting into the mainstream. It’s similar to when your favorite indy band goes mainstream, you bore from over exposure. The CSI episode aired on November 15 and check out this peak in traffic!

Twitter on CSI

I was also curious from watching the CSI clip to investigate if these Twitter accounts are still being used. The victim in the episode was a user named kiraEDGE. I just checked and she posted a tweet 12 minutes ago. Still very much alive by the looks of it. Could there be some holes in the CSI story? The suspect in the clip is a person named torchX who last tweeted 5 hours ago.

I don’t watch CSI for obvious reasons, but I find this all pretty wild. I guess I’d like to know if the the CSI folks deleted the accounts after they used them for the show and these two people gobbled them up. Or, are these actually the writers of the show?


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