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Shrink this my Twitties…

Microblogging service users will recognize that the shorter the URL in a link the better, so that you have more room for your actual message. For example, Twitter limits you to 140 characters. You need to use a service to shrink that massive URL.

For example:
This link in Google Maps:’s+galway,+ireland&ie=UTF8&cd=1&ll=53.309545,-9.066467&spn=0.180926,0.486145&z=11&iwloc=A&om=1
(wow that link really screws up my blog’s appearance too, eh?)
Becomes this:

Oh, and that link? It’s to THE BEST fish n’ chips you will ever have the pleasure of eating. Seriously, that’s no joke.

Here’s a list of URL shrinkers, I call em’ URLrinkers (not really, but it was funny to type)

  • The original TinyURL, she’s down right now, but I’m hoping she returns. My Twitter tools auto posting feature is broken until then.
  • Named after Earl Grey tea, yum. It even has a draggable button for your browser. Click it and it’s done.
  • Had a draggable button too, plus gets me craving Guinness (sorry Earl Grey tea).
  • This looks very promising, possibly my new fav. You can sign up for an account to access your previous snipurls. Multiple snipping too!

What’s your favorite? Do you have something to add to this list?
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