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Want to help a guy become a star?

A few friends have been asking me to see a copy of the article from the Jackson Sun about our podcast, Two Boobs and a Baby +.

On Saturday, I plugged in our “old school” scanner, which I hadn’t used in about a year. As I was on the computer I noticed a flash in the corner of my eye. The scanner light was suddenly off, I thought the bulb had burned out. The smell of burning electrical components coming from the machine had me change my mind and conclude it was officially dead.

I grabbed the article and popped down the road to a business chain store (which will remain nameless). I approached the service counter where a grumpy woman with excessive makeup was eager to serve me. I asked her if she could please make a scan of the article for me. She looked down to the newspaper in my hand and gasped. She explained that it was illegal for her to copy a newspaper. I held the paper up and pointed to the photograph of “me” in it, then I asked for her to reconsider. She turned to an older man, possible her manager, who said with a scowl that we could go to jail!

I jumped back in to the car and decided to try my luck at the next business chain store (which also will remain nameless). A young guy smiled and said no problem, no questions asked. As he sat configuring the scan, we commenced in some small talk. He’s a country music artist trying to make a name for himself in Nashville (go figure). Brandon proved to be a very nice guy and a talented musician.

I would really appreciate it if you could drop by the Music City Madness Video Contest and vote for Dustin and Brandon Finch. Each vote brings the twin brothers closer to stardom. Vote now, it closes soon.
Just hit that link above. Close the rules and regs. Hit zoom a little, and scroll across the screen to the right. Brandon and his brother are on the top. Click it and you can watch the video and vote for them.

Even if Country isn’t your thing, it only takes a minute and you’ll be lovely for doing so. Thanks.

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