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Are you tired of Twitter errors?

You know I love Twitter just as much as the next guy (assuming the next guy isn’t a Jaiku or Pownce enthusiast), but they need a new designer. It’s pretty sad when you can talk to people about how a service has grown by the “progress” of their error messages.

For example, back in the good old days Twitter would greet you with a friendly kitten with a screwdriver during down time. Ah, who doesn’t love kittens (with screwdrivers!)?

Lately they’ve designed a graphic of a bird which reads: Bring That Beat Back. Yes, that’s cute too. Tonight, while Twitter was down – again, I discovered this new screen:

Twitter error

Notice the light blue background is off centered, it’s leaning over the right border. I like the new bird and design, but geesh guys. Here’s an idea – how about we never have to see the error screens again because you’re always up? Just a suggestion.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big fan (huge!) of Twitter. I even made a short video about my precious micro-blogging site. Plus, I just created a podcast based on Twitter tweets called The Nothing Show.

So how about it Twitter? Let’s get things running more smoothly before Jaiku introduce the Dodgeball service that Google have been holding back on for a few years. Oh oh, do I sense a mass exodus coming soon? I hope not.

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