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What to do with a Flickr invitation

I’ve been sharing photos (some publicly and some privately) on Flickr for some time. I often send more personal ones to my family members scattered across the planet. I keep waiting to hear back from them, but they often don’t reply. Or, I notice that they have not accepted the Flickr invites, meaning they haven’t seen the photos.

I discussed it with them and many find it too confusing to use. They receive the invite, they may even sign up for a Yahoo account (as you need one to access Flickr private photos). They are often puzzled by what to do next, so they don’t do anything.

I’ve created this 5 minute Flickr tutorial to help explain the steps when you receive an invite to view someone’s photos on Flickr. I hope this helps simplify things. If you still have questions please feel free to comment here.

The very end of the video gets cut off, but it’s not really needed anyway. Click the link below, wait for the screen to pop up with the black triangle in the center, click the triangle. Be sure your volume is up. Enjoy.

To view the video follow this link.

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