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Attention Twitter users. Are your tweets in our new podcast?

Tim Coyne and I have whipped up a new Internet radio comedy program called, The Nothing Show. Each week we’ll be chatting for 5 or 10 minutes about nothing specifically. Here’s the catch, our dialogue will be based on your Twitter tweets.

In Episode One, we borrow tweets from our friends C.C. Chapman and Merlin Mann to fuel our conversation.

If you’re on Twitter I recommend you check out the show. Even if you’re not on Twitter, it’s worth listening to just for the randomness of it – funny stuff. Experienced improv actors may recognize that we borrowed the concept from a game called “Sentences”.

In the game, audience members are given blank strips of paper to jot down a random line of dialogue. The strips are collected by the actors and scattered on the stage. Then, the actors create a story using only the audience’s suggestions as the script.

We hope you enjoy it! Find us on iTunes here.

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