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Utterz vs. Jott

This game is still rather early, but I’ve just finished a preliminary test of Utterz and I’ve used Jott for some time. A little background first though. I just found Utterz today when Chris Brogan blogged about using it to record audio posts live from PodCamp Boston this weekend.

I do find the Utterz user interface is pretty slick. The player is also stylish and very web two-point-whoa, but there’s one major difference from Jott that makes me think I might stick with Jott.

Jott automatically transcribes your message on your blog, plus it includes a link to a player to hear it. This equals Google juice. The more words in your post the better for search engine optimization. Plus, Jott is practically instant, while Utterz takes 10 minutes to post. Jott doesn’t always transcribe perfectly, so be careful with certain words and be sure to enunciate* them well.

Both allow you to send directly to Twitter which is awesome. I’ve been using Jott on Twitter for some time, but see my note above*. A tweet about Mitch Joel became “Mitch Jewel”, In N Out Burger became “Internet”. Funny, because I do think of Mitch as a jewel (actually more of a gem!) and I do speak a hell of a lot more about the Internet than In N Out Burger, but still you should be aware.

A final note. I was having a technical difficulty with Jott about a week ago. I wrote an email to try to get some assistance, but I never heard back. That’s terrible for their customer service. On the other hand, I’ve just posted my first Utterz audio post and Sim (the Utterz guy) has already written me to ask how the experience has been. That’s VERY impressive.

While Jott is more of a stand-alone service, Utterz is certainly more of a social networking tool. Your utterz(s?) are posted on their site and users can reply. The conversations continue on Utterz’ site.  That’s pretty cool.

What do you guys think? Have you been using both? [poll=4]

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