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Twitter Updates for 2007-10-25

  • @garrickvanburen: yes, iTunes has really disappointed me this time. I’m hoping they make good, but I’m not holding my breath. #
  • Sam turns 2 today! Please drop by and wish him Happy Birthday: or call 206-350-4819 to sing him a message. #
  • iTunes: The Rural Alberta Advantage. #
  • You know those Mentos and Coke videos floating around YouTube? Have you seen Mentos and beer? #
  • @mitchjoel: looking forward to your CMA tweets. No, not Country Music Awards Nashvillians! Canadian Marketing Association. geesh. #
  • @whurley: Yeppers. If I can’t hear your podcast or you blow my ear drums, I won’t stay subscribed. #
  • @whurley: I recommend podcasters listen to the latest episode of Canadian Podcast Buffet: for tips on production. #
  • @chrisbrogan: Ok, I think Utterz seems cool, but Jott will automatically post your message and audio file to your blog. #
  • @adelemcalear: glad ya enjoyed it. I thought so too. #
  • @matthewebel: I hear JetBlue rocks. Have a safe flight. It won’t be the same without @geoffsmith and @edroberts though! #
  • @billdeys: Utterz says up to 10 minutes to publish to your blog. How long did yours take? I’m still waiting, about 5 minutes now. #
  • I just uttered #
  • @timcoyne: don’t joke. #
  • @sleepydad: Your comments there. Thanks so much! #
  • @sleepydad: Your comments there. Thanks so much! #
  • @mitchjoel: is there a general Twitter account like we had @barcampnash? #
  • @MollyBerry: is it true that the flight attendants have a thing called "crop dusting"? #
  • @cspenn: damn, I wish I was going to be there. #
  • @cspenn: …not to launch a product. :-) #
  • Who wants to work for the coolest company in Nashville? #
  • @MollyBerry: I know a little bit of everything :-) But mostly, nothing. #
  • @rexhammock: sorry man, there’s a new girl in town. :-) ha! #
  • @rexhammock: true that brother! :-) #
  • @vaspers: unless you’re talking about this kind of self-replication: #
  • e-cards annoy the pants off of me. talk about lousy finishes. i always expect something funny to happen. #
  • @nlaspf: god bless america. sorry to hear it nico. #
  • @nlaspf: i feel your pain. i get detained every time i fly from home to the states. ever since i was stopped for no reason 4 yrs ago. #
  • @nlaspf: thank god you made it. cheers man. safe flight. #
  • me tumblr = #
  • @jonarnold meet @jmoonah, @jmoonah meet @joarnold. #
  • @hughmcquire: heard you mentioned on Marketing Over Coffee today. #
  • Why are my Twitter stats different in the sidebar when I tweet the word "stats"? #
  • Need to stretch (4 hours ago) #

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