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Twitter Updates for 2007-10-24

  • I’m sleepy. #
  • I’m sleepy. #
  • @neilgorman: sorry you couldn’t access the YouTube video. We’re not going to PodCamp Boston. It’s Sam’s 2nd birthday. Sorry, have a blast! #
  • @padraicb: Alistair and I lived together in Galway, Edinburgh and Toronto. He’s an incredible musician: #
  • @sleepydad: Luckily, I haven’t got to the lawn yet. I’m entertaining my mum visiting for a week or so. I’ll get to it soon though. :-) #
  • @matthewebel: are you back on Friday? I’m bringing my mum to the Big Bang. Only seems appropriate since I met your parents. #
  • Curious about podcasting? #
  • mental note: look for @demca’s car if i’m ever down and out. #
  • @aezell: bring it on man! #
  • What are you listening to right now? #
  • "Horses" by Palace #
  • looking for a WordPress plugin to allow visitors to manually add their own RSS feed info… any takers pls? #
  • Zoom in full on this. Wow. #
  • Elmore James: Stormy Monday #
  • @demca: thanks. you’re car is lovely. :-) #
  • @croncast: I can’t believe it hasn’t been done yet. Ok Mr. RSS…work your magic :-) #
  • I’m loving you guys sharing what you’re listening to. Any updates? #
  • NoMeansNo – The River #
  • Is it Christmas? #
  • @brianshaler: you need to find someone that thrives on finishing projects. you’d be a force not to be reckoned with! #
  • @khaynes: you’re never too late. #
  • @darrindickey: Don’t know if it is. A friend pointed it out to me. Did you zoom right in? Wild eh? #
  • @MollyBerry. Thanks a million for your support. You rock buddy. I’m really bummed about this. Happy 2nd Anniversary Two Boobs and a Baby! #

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