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Dear iTunes: I thought we were friends?

As you probably know, I produce and co-host a podcast called Two Boobs and a Baby +. For the last year or so we’ve been ranked between 1-3 on the top of the iTunes podcast charts when searching for “parenting”.The other day I received an email from iTunes Music Store:

itunes podcasting

I’ve had some issues with feeds over the years, so I converted our feed with Feedburner for better stability. I accepted the email from iTunes and updated our show’s information in their directory with the updated feed URL. We were still listed in the second position and I was happy.

Today I got another email:

itunes podcast directory

Note the feed URL is the same as the old one. Worse, our podcast hasn’t only dropped on the charts, but it has actually disappeared.

If you are a fan of the show please re-subscribe in iTunes. We’d really appreciate your reviews since they’re gone now too. Thanks folks!

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