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Your input is appreciated. To post my tweets on my blog or not?

I’ve been using Twitter Tools for a while now. It’s a great plug-in that will automatically post a tweet to your Twitter account alerting your friends when you have a new blog post. It’s easy to set up and I find it’s very valuable to generate eyeballs to my blog. We all like eyeballs on our blog pages right?

Twitter Tools allows you to enable an automated daily digest of all of your tweets into a single blog post. This has benefits and disadvantages. I’m trying to determine whether it’s worth using or not.

A week or so ago Sean Maney at Grin & Grumble posted about not understanding why I would post my tweets. I commented on his post, but I think it’s worth a discussion here. What are your thoughts? Do you post your tweets?

I like using the daily digest, because it allows me to quickly read and search previous tweets for what I was discussing on any given day, it also helps me relocate links I may have included to interesting stories. This also benefits you guys, because you can do the same. In addition to this, you can read my my conference tweets from Gnomedex, Podcasting New Media Expo and BarCamp Nashville. On another positive note, publishing my tweets is lovely for Google juice.

On the flip side, I’m finding my blog a little cluttered with more content from my twitter than original posts (yes, I need to get blogging more). I also fear it may annoy you guys, because if you’re subscribed to my feed, or visit here regularly you may be expecting less from my twitter account and more from my head. That’s makes sense.

So how about it then? Please let me know what you think. Leave a comment or simply vote (or do both).


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