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Twitter Updates for 2007-10-23

  • @britter: way to run girl friend! #
  • @britter: way to run girl friend! #
  • Finishing touches on lime marinaded veggies and shrimp on the bbq… #
  • Yes, I meant marinated! #
  • @geoffsmith: traffic was a bitch tonight. It’s never as bad as Toronto though, I often have to remind myself. We’ll see you Friday probably. #
  • @britter: Ah, one run is better than no run at all. just do it. where have I heard that line before? #
  • @sschablow: HA! #
  • Canadian dollar (AKA Loonie) is almost $1.04 US today. Wow. #
  • @jaffejuice: every where I look/listen it’s Jaffe! Great stuff. Looking forward to Join the Conversation. How’s fatherhood? #
  • @jmoonah: god, I haven’t even been gone a year and CITY TV moves. What next? Relocating the CN Tower? #
  • @jmoonah: Or is that the Rogers Tower now? #
  • @cmflorido: Thank you. Did you vote on the blog? I’m trying to track that number to get a consensus. Please do if you didn’t. Cheers. #
  • @Busymom: I can’t comment on your blog without an account. #
  • @Busymom: Will comment here instead and say how I pity Heather considering going back to work. It’s exhausting at home too right now. #
  • @neilgorman: hey buddy, good to hear from you. Here’s your answer: Are you going? #
  • @chrisbrogan: I think we need to be better at how we measure success. #
  • @timcoyne: @nlaspf is awesome. you guys will hit it off. #
  • @cmflorido: cheers. thanks for two cents. #
  • Are you using Twitter Tools? I have a question I need answered please: – please disregard if you already voted. #
  • Thanks to all (4) of you for voting. Come on folks. I’d love to hear your input. #
  • Listening to Deep Purple "Black Night". I swear it’s been at least 10 years. What an awesome song! #
  • @chrome47: thanks for the note. I appreciate it. this is where I live most of the time anyway :-) #
  • @crocast: looks like an awesome lunch buddy. have fun. #
  • @croncast: looks like an awesome lunch buddy. have fun. #
  • For those of you who saw the film "Once" and enjoyed it as much as me. #
  • Craving Dalwhinnie after briefly chatting about Scotch. #
  • Anyone who wants to be my best friend can send me a bottle of Dalwhinnie. It’s really that simple. :-) #
  • 2,888 updates to Twitter and counting… #
  • have you guys tweeted the word "stats" alone (without the quotes)? #
  • I believe a latte is in order… #
  • Hey @shelisrael what are you eating for lunch? #
  • @vanessafox: I’m virtually sipping one in your honor now :-) #
  • If you guys dig rockabilly, rock n’ roll,, folk, punk, guitar fueled awesomeness: Do it now. #
  • @vanessafox: I do what I can. I aim to please :-) #

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