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Twitter Updates for 2007-10-22

  • @danyork: small world eh? now you need to find a bar that’s open. :-) #
  • @baratunde: enjoying the live commentary. cheers. #
  • Getting ready to receive a Skype call to record Episode 1 of a new podcast. Exciting. Stoked. Ready to rock n’ roll baby! #
  • Driving to work, 40 west is bumper to bumper. #
  • Just posted Day 10 of our series: 10 Things to Avoid in Business to Business E-Newsletters Check it out. Great tips. #
  • I like birds just as much as the next guy, but this bird is AWESOME. Too bad it doesn’t have the best taste in tunes: #
  • Hey kids! #
  • I miss @pistachio and @MediaJoltz! #
  • @Akula: Congrats! Good times ahead. #
  • @MediaJoltz: Awesome. Are they blending anything? #
  • @tommyvallier: 1100+ for a party would be good. Maybe we should reconsider? :-) nah, it’s just not possible. Sorry dude. #
  • @danyork: mental note. open late night diner in JFK. #
  • Driving home in the rain. The traffic is terrible. Bumper to bumper. Just like my drive in this morning. #

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