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Twitter Updates for 2007-10-18

  • Best free service to share a calendar with another person without using Gmail? Any takers please? #
  • @shelisrael: happy anniversary Shel! It was my two year anniversary podcasting on Monday. Time flies eh? #
  • @andycaster: thanks for the voice msg on two boobs. your birthday wishes were much appreciated! #
  • @andycaster: thanks for the voice msg on two boobs. your birthday wishes were much appreciated! #
  • @ccadenhead: thanks for your voice msg on two boobs too. heather and I both need to lost some weight, are jabs are harmless :-) Cheers :-) #
  • What do you home owners do in the Fall to be sure your house will survive Winter? It’s our first house…we’re scared :-) #
  • @cmflorido: cheers. :-) #
  • happy to see @mitchjoel in Twitterland. Has it been a while? Or are we just missing each other? #
  • @khaynes: Congrats on your new home and living in Texas! Nice. We’re in middle Tennessee, so we have seasons to deal with. It’s nice though. #
  • @ccadenhead: our fat you mean? #
  • Damn, I missed a Call Chris session! Gotta keep an eye on that @chrisbrogan #
  • @kellystewart: thanks buddy! we’re looking at the list and it’s frightening. I guess I need to climb the roof soon to clear those gutters. #
  • @kellystewart: do you have to shut off the water outside too? Or just disconnect? #
  • @kellystewart: cool, thanks for the tips. #
  • quick seek & destroy mp3 dupes mission before shut eye. #
  • @geoffsmith: will catch up re: email tomorrow. cool? #
  • @vaspers: I prefer URLTEA now over TINYURL now. #
  • It’s a rainy, miserable morning in Nashville – and I love it! #
  • 4:00 am wake up call this morning. Now the kids are both back to bed and we’re dressed and showered. Seems we were duped! #
  • @davidparmet Top of the morning to ye! #
  • @kflaherty: So what happened to Conor? I have a 1 year old and almost a 2 year old. Any advice is always good. Thanks. Hope he’s well. #
  • @merlene: what’s up with Fahrenheit if you’re in Ontario? I can dig it though, being a Canuck in Nashville. #
  • @padraicb very good tip. everyone should be doing that one for sure. cheers. #
  • Testing, testing. #
  • @chrisbrogan: raising my beans Chris. we were about at 4am with them this morning. it’s a rough gig, but an amazing one too :-) #
  • @Merlene: I hear ya there. 32 nice here, not so nice @ home. #
  • @sleepydad: i plan to seed the lawn tonight, any tips on what to do with a broken lawn from the ol’ drought of 2007? #
  • Wow, you guys see this? Cyberwar: China Declares War On Western Search Sites #
  • @ccadenhead: ha ha! #
  • Having lunch at Sam’s on 21st with Nathan. #
  • @matthewebel Bring it on! #
  • @matthewebel: we should do coffee next week when you’re back down to earth. #
  • The DIGG spell checker doesn’t recognize the word "blog". Hmrf. #
  • @sschablow: that’s pretty fun – thanx. #
  • Watch this: #
  • I love tweeting this song from time to time. Have a listen. If you’re a father you’ll love it that much more: #
  • @sleepydad: wow, I’ll check in with my local Home Depot tonight and check back with you tomorrow if needed. Thanks man. #
  • @ccadenhead: Awesome eh! Love that Crack Spider. #
  • @ccadenhead: the best part is that they use the real music and tag from the old Canadian TV spots. Awesome. #
  • WARNING RATED R! @chrisbrogan: you mean like this? #
  • So much for Service Unavailable
    The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again … #
  • @matthewebel: or boiling a toaster. #
  • @sleepydad: thanx buddy. nice digging for that. Gotta love that Google cache eh? Looks like I’m off the lawn tonight due to Tornado warnings #

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