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Twitter Updates for 2007-10-17

  • Just saw Once and it was fantastic. It made me miss Ireland. #
  • @Merlene: thanks for the tweet. It was fantastic, really good. Where did you see Glen Hansard speak? #
  • @Merlene: coolness. I’d like to see them if they come to Nashville. #
  • @joarnold: totally dude! you’re right. just dug it up on youtube for a quick fix. :-) ha! #
  • @edroberts @mrsb: sorry about the broken link. It was to: Thanks! #
  • I love reading nice stuff about where I work: #
  • @sleepydad: Man, I’m dying to The Wind that Shakes the Barley too. I missed it when it was played in Nashville. #
  • @sleepydad: you never know. some people may miss it (the Replies button). #
  • @CalEvans: Thanks. It’s so nice to read people who recognize Emma as an awesome company, because it is. I’m not bias I swear. #
  • Emma just bought us pizza. I love Wednesdays. #
  • @ldpodcast: Not Ella, Emma I’ve made the slip up before too. :-) #
  • I need to hop off this crazy thing and write a blog post already! #
  • @rexhammock: don’t you mean Radiohead’s latest CD? Oh oh, I’m old too :-) Actually, I own a lot of vinyl too. :-) #
  • @jaffejuice: 2 hours of jaffee juice! Have fun DMA folks. #
  • @davewiner: until @davewiner comes to the rescue with a new and improved podcatcher :-) #
  • @julien: do those meetings involved olive oil? #
  • Good luck @timcoyne! Bud Light is an awesome beer! #
  • **NOTE** I only wrote that Bud Light is an awesome beer, so that he rocks on his audition. Bud Light actually sucks. Shhh don’t tell him! #
  • @garrickvanburen: I get around (twitter) :-) #
  • anyone else on ? #
  • BlogWorld Expo: You going? Should I be? I’m starting to think so. #
  • @vanessafox: i’d love to hear more about it. cheers. #

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