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Twitter Updates for 2007-10-16

  • @VergeFringe: glad you enjoyed it. Homegrown talent too! Ya gotta love that. :-) #
  • @timcoyne: email me and let’s get rockin’ on PROJECT NOTHING. #
  • @chrisbrogan: :-) does this make me a rock star? SWEET! I want a bowl of green M&Ms right now! :-) #
  • this is the part where @cc_chapman makes me scroll down to read @matthewebel who both make me crave chips and salsa! You’re killing me. #
  • @matthewebel: hey we should hook up and talk geek soon. Wanna get some fuel @ Fido? #
  • alright kids… is back. #
  • @cc_chapman: there will be more blank white pages if I have no chips and salsa soon! Consider it a threat :-) #
  • @nlaspf: thanks again for your help man. #
  • ok…good night kids! #
  • Good morning all #
  • Stephen Colbert fans will enjoy hearing him interviewed on NPR (fast forward a bit) #
  • Anyone have experience advertising on RockYou, VideoEgg, Social Media, or Lookery? #
  • @nlaspf is my hero! Thanks again for insight in my WordPress mess. :-) You rule. #
  • removing my useless Twitter apps… #
  • err: removing my useless FACEBOOK (not Twitter) apps… #
  • Right side or left side of your brain? – this might blow your mind: #
  • I just removed about 15 Facebook apps I don’t really use. How many do you have that you don’t use? #
  • @khaynes: well, i’ll let ya know if i decide to do something. I’m just curious about the aforementioned services. #
  • @khaynes: interesting article on AdSense appearing in Facebook #
  • Cleaning up my RSS feeds in Google Reader. Waiting on Chinese food. It can’t come fast enough! #
  • Are you hitting the REPLIES button in Twitter to see if you’ve missed any direct tweets? #
  • Oh oh, this may make you fall over laughing: #
  • @chrisbrogan: Thanks for the NOSO. I could use that some times. #
  • @danieljohnsonjr What’s that number again? #
  • @klaherty: so sorry to hear. I hope all is well. #
  • @kflaherty: so sorry to hear. I hope all is well #
  • If you’re on mybloglog please visit: I’m testing it to be sure it’s working. Thanx. #
  • Thank you @goldiekatsu #
  • @vergefringe: i prefer Tom Waits :-) #
  • @danyork: probably not the best idea. how about a hot whisky? #
  • @vergefringe: ohhh you mean Jane Marie Genevieve Wiedlin! :-) #
  • Going to see Once. That Irish musical…should be cool. 92% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes (that’s toe-mah-toes, not toe-mate-toes). #
  • Dave out. Catch ya later skaters. #

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