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Twitter Updates for 2007-10-15

  • Been working on a new podcast blog…new podcast to be started soon. Excited. #
  • going to bed. #
  • Top o’ the mornin’ to ye! #
  • Got a VP of New Media (Online Marketing) job in Nashville available for DM me if you’re interested. #
  • In the name of @Pistachio I encourage you to follow @chrisbrogan. Do it now. Follow Chris. #
  • @bluepaw_will: to be sure! #
  • Good morning @CalEvans and @marcuswhitney #
  • @marcuswhitney: we should play some time soon. #
  • What do you guys know about #
  • @timcoyne: yeppers. did you see it yet? #
  • It’s our 2nd year anniversary podcasting! #
  • @connieblogger: I just heard about this today. Will have to write something up. In them mean time you can vote for trees: http://urltea.#
  • I’m going to post a link to my 20 second movie every time Twitter goes down: (or when it comes back up :-) #
  • @matthewebel! Ya!!! Looking forward to the big release buddy. Congrats. #
  • @matthewebel! Ya!!! Looking forward to the big release buddy. Congrats. #
  • 75 year old woman smashes up a Comcast office with a hammer: #
  • Twitter kicked me out. What gives Twitter? Was it something I tweeted? #
  • Twitter’s been up and down a lot this morning. Sigh. #
  • hoping off for a bit. later skaters. #
  • Hey friends on Explorer 6.0+ and 7.0+ please have a peak at my blog and let me know if my right side bar.thanx #
  • @akula: funniest tweet today! nice one. sorry about the addiction (not so funny?) #
  • @pomeranian99 How’s it going Mr. Thompson? #
  • @nlaspf: @darrindickey: dang…thanks for your help guys. #
  • @jaxn: doh! thanks. #
  • @cmflorido: but not "ha ha" funny. #
  • Wow. Glad I don’t work for AOL: #
  • @baratunde: sorry to hear about it man. that sux. #
  • @geoffsmith: nice one. sounds like Ustream would be cool. you should check out the Twitter stream we had set up at BarCamp… #
  • @geoffsmith: screened #
  • @geoffsmith: another shot of our live Twitter feed: #
  • Think I’m moving over to Jaiku for the day. I’m fed up with Twitter’s ups and downs today. See you there. #
  • @Pistachio: #
  • @kellystewart: thanks. it’s driving me nuts. #
  • @timcoyne: so when do you want to rock this thing out? #
  • Coolest music video I’ve seen in a very very long time: #
  • @nlaspf: Teaching me the wise ways of the WordPress. Thank you for your help master! #
  • @cyberpr: nice to see ya back! :-) #
  • saw a girl at lunch with a DARE t-shirt on. It said "DARE role model". I couldn’t tell if she was being ironic, because she looked high. #
  • heading home to a girl’s night out. just me and the wee ones to wreck havoc. woo hoo! chowder twitterers :-) #
  • @chrisbrogan: I just keep checking to see if I’m a rock star. Not yet though <sigh> :-( #
  • @chrisbrogan: but seriously…I really enjoy your insight into our little world. While many people don’t quite get it, you never fail me man #

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