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Twitter Updates for 2007-10-12

  • @darrindickey: thanks again for your advice. I think I might have solved it, but I’m going to have to use Blogger rather than WordPress :-( #
  • Turning in kids. Catch ya in the AM. Good night friends. #
  • @ccadenhead: biafra #
  • Got a hot lunch date! #
  • @mediajoltz: big plans for the weekend? #
  • @NickStarr: wow dude! ironic? did you see my latest blog post about apples? Weird. #
  • @vaspers: thanks buddy! #
  • @mediajoltz: homemade rootbeer! Sweetness. Have fun. #
  • If you’re Canadian or love apples you should watch this: please leave a comment. #
  • LinkedIn will have to approve any company that wants to tap into its API. Thank god. #
  • @AndruEdwards DM me if you would like an invite. #
  • Where are all the Canadians? Are you going to stand for this? #
  • strategic thinker, technical expertise, web 2.0 marketing skills…i might have job for you in Nashville. #
  • @darrindickey: I hear ya man. #

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