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Twitter Updates for 2007-10-10

  • Good morning fellow twitterers. Nice to see you haven’t migrated to Jaiku. #
  • @darrindickey: Question 10 was a strange one for sure. #
  • @danyork: you can request how you know the new "friend" on Facebook. When the request comes in…instead of Confirming straight away. #
  • @cspenn: good luck with that. sounds like it’s going to be insane there! wish I could make it. #
  • @danyork: good point. it would be much easier. #
  • just read @wickedgood’s tweet. get back to work @jmoonah! #
  • Does this girl look like she had a good birthday party? #
  • @mDave : unless they get an invite right? #
  • @darrindickey: thanks. it was fun. cool that it showed up in Twitku too. #
  • @sschablow: Thanks man! She had a blast. #
  • Were you at the Marketing Profs Live conference in Chicago? #
  • @cspenn: dugg #
  • Please vote for your favorite Microblogging platform: #
  • #
  • @lexia: Thanks for your two cents. I’m very interested to gauge my friends to see what their plan is. Cheers. #
  • Twitter Vote: tally. Twitter: 19, Jaiku: 1, Powne: 1, Other: 0. Have you voted yet? #
  • How was the BarCamp Nashville Crew meet up last night? #
  • @mDave: looking forward to hearing about it. Cool. #
  • @kroosh: ok ok…here I am. It was me right? #
  • @kroosh: ok ok…here I am. It was me right? #

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