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Twitter Updates for 2007-10-07

  • @Akula: i’m @ 2,548 updates now…. #
  • I fought the lawn and the lawn won. #
  • @LenEdgerly: Thanks. I should check out Fuller’s other music. I’m always thinking Dead Kennedys when I hum "I Fought the Law". #
  • USA Network should be called Law and Order Network. Do they even play other shows? #
  • @jmoonah; WOO HOO! CONGRATS! #
  • For those who missed it @jmoonah had a baby girl about an hour ago! #
  • @cspenn: good point. thanks. we didn’t want to confuse our fellow twitterers :-). Way to get ice chips @jmoonah! #
  • a little movie you may have missed: #
  • @scottsigler I saw the Cult in 1987. Billy Idol played too. Great show. #
  • Got to get some sleep. I’m pooped. #
  • Warmest weather in Nashville in 30 years. It’s in the 90’s F, high 30’s C today #
  • Up with Ella and Sam. I love my kiddies. #
  • @lexia: tell her to say hi to Canada for me. It’s Thanksgiving there tomorrow. #
  • @calilewis: i hope to see you Monday night. #
  • tired from running around getting ready to have some friends over for Cdn Thanksgiving. #

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