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Twitter Updates for 2007-10-04

  • @mollyberry: I’m on the hunt for another New Media type conference. We’ll see. #
  • @darrindickey: Thanks. I’m looking forward to finally meeting @rexhammock in person. @darrindickey: you’re officially an honorary Scot. #
  • Cooking dinner and unplugging…cheers kids. #
  • Speaking on SEO, Blogging and Social Media: How do you reach your audience? in 5 minutes. #
  • @ijustine: that’s nasty. #
  • Mental note: I need a physical discipline. Thanks @pistachio #
  • Just got back from a Business Wire panel about Blogging and SEO. It was awesome to meet @rexhammock in the flesh. #
  • Thoughts about the Business Wire panel this morning: #
  • This Canuck can’t vote in the US of A. But many of you can, so: #
  • @cc_chapman: just spoke on a Business Journal panel. It was awesome teaching people about social media. Some future twitterers I’m sure. #
  • @timcoyne: wow, looks pretty wild. good luck dude. #
  • @timcoye: try persuading the casting director by mind control!!! #
  • @timcoyne: try persuading the casting director by mind control!!! #
  • @digitalblender Anything like ? #
  • @cc_chapman: how about "blog"? Crazy enough to work eh? #
  • Brinkster is down again, which means my podcast is down. This is the beginning of the end our our relationship. Actually, it’s the middle… #
  • Why We Decided to Remove Google Adwords: #
  • @wickedgood: and they throw a good party too! We just blogged about $ for our show, we can’t afford to use Libsyn :-( #
  • @tommyvallier: thanks man. wish I could be there for my $00.2 #
  • @busymom: i believe Heather and I coined the term: "pantless podcasting". :-) #
  • @tommyvallier: check your in-box. #
  • @todmaffin: thanks for the Global heads up. Many of my old colleagues there. #
  • In case you missed the Dove ad that everyone is talking about: #
  • Listening to marketing over coffee, craving cheese flavored donuts. #

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