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Twitter Updates for 2007-10-03

  • About to commence my 8th attempt at getting Ella to sleep tonight. Parenting is a true test in patience. #
  • hi @NickStarr’s mom. #
  • @jchenard: thanks. 8th try was the winner tonight. Sam didn’t take long. I’m now chilling finally. Cheers. #
  • @geoffsmith: nice to know. Something to look forward too. I just got even more tired :-) LOL #
  • @rexhammock: I’ve been looking forward to meeting you too. See you in the AM – I hope they have plenty of coffee! #
  • welcome to twitter @khaynes #
  • @mollyberry: still at airports? geesh, i’ve had my fill for a while. #
  • @edroberts: so sorry to read about your mother. I’m glad she’s doing better. I didn’t realize this had happened until I just read your blog. #
  • @timcoyne: don’t be too blue buddy, at least it wasn’t your head. :-) #
  • @mollyberry: Ah, that would make a lot more sense! Well safe travels buddy. :-) Jet Blue rocks. #
  • adios amigos #
  • So it’s post PME or PNME, or NME… where are you going next? #
  • Stuck in traffic going home from work. This sucks. #

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