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Monetize this!

I just spent a few amazing days in Ontario (not Canada), California (they would have been more amazing in Ontario, Canada). The Podcasting New Media Expo was an incredible experience. Not to blow my own horn, but I found that I already know much of what was being taught during the presentations. The best part of the expo for me was what was happening outside of the doors of the presentation rooms, the real life relationships that were being born or strengthened. I had a blast getting to know so many new people and hooking up with friends I already have from the community.

A common theme from the presenters and on the expo floor was monetization. Everyone seemed to want to know how they could make money from their podcasts, or others wanted to tell me how I could make money from podcasting. Here’s a crazy thought: I don’t. In fact, I plan to remove the Google Adwords from my podcast blog this week. I’ve done some thinking about this and discussed it with Heather. We both agree that it’s the right thing to do.

Our podcast is Two Boobs and a Baby + (2BB). It’s a candid comedy podcast about parenting. Each episode we discuss recent stories about our children and our lives. When we started the podcast the plan was to create an audio baby book, so that Ella and Sam (and future generations) could listen to how clueless their parents are/were. We made it a podcast so that we could share it with our friends and family around the world. Heather and I met in Ireland backpacking back in 1998. We have lived and traveled much of Europe, so we have friends all over the place. Then we decided that it would be fun to share our stories with the world, so we popped the show on iTunes. The rest is history.

Now a days everybody seems to want to capitalize on podcasting. I have to admit that we got excited when we heard about MommyCast‘s sweet deal with Dixie, not to mention that we were included in the article in USA Today about parents who podcast. That’s when we added the Google Adwords to the site too. The idea was to generate enough cash to put back into the show. We’ve just made $100.00, so now we have enough to purchase a (better) mic, or possibly a better recorder than our T-30 iRiver. But now I’m not so sure about monetization, in fact, just typing the word makes me cringe.

Here’s what we’ve decided. Since our show is all about our kids and parenting, we may accept an offer that would be substantial enough to have us podcast full time, so we could actually work from home and spend more time with our children. Yes, that is monetizing the podcast, but that would mean we could spend more time with our kids which is invaluable. We’re not holding our breath on that idea, but anything is possible. Any sort of sponsorship less than that would simply be us selling our stories of our children growing up and that doesn’t sit right with us. Like I said, if it is enough cash for us to afford to work from home that would be worth it, because it would mean more time with our kids. I don’t think this is hypocritical.

I don’t have any ill thoughts about podcasters who are trying to make money, or for those of you who already have. It’s fantastic to see successful podcasters it helps legitimize the media, it’s just that our stories are about our family and it feels weird if it’s presented by Acme Inc. (no offensive Wile E. Coyote).

What are your thoughts about monetization?


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